viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

My Project

Seems that I've found my most motivating project in La Llacuna, near from mediona, situated in a boulder zone over a camping.
I discovered this area one year ago, when a friend showed me the potential of that zone. Is basically a boulder area but there are too some short routes which at first I thought that had no any interest by me, but then I dicided to try and I felt in love with one in particular named "El Menorquí", bolted by Eduard R.

The first time I decided to try it, was with my girlfriend who resulted injured when I catched a bad piece of rock which felt over her left hand. Fortunatelly, he recieved low damage...

This route consists in a really vertical boulder with just 4 bolts in about 8 metters, and really small hands and some one and two finger pockets in the middle of the route. I consider that the grade could be perfectly about 7 grade in his style, basically of balance and adherence. For sure represents to me the most difficult and motivating project to climb by now, since "Tubo de Rayos Católicos" in the near school of Mediona. It is not the most inspiring line, it seems more like a boulder problem with a rope and easier topout, but one must admit that it is really exciting when you start to try it.

I've decided to train specifically for this route 'cause my feeling was that I would need it to realize the route with the most efficient mode.

For this reason, I train hard in Badger's Cave solving new lines, and trying new difficult routes in the schools I normally goes. For example, I must put the redpoint to the route named "Kornua" in sector 9, before to realize the ascent of "El Menorquí". Just another little challenge in the process of 'realization'. 
Little dreams makes me bigger.

Hope I'll complete the route soon; fight and be happy & live to enjoy!!


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